Thứ Năm, 12 tháng 5, 2011

Google music free

Hàng mới trong google IO day 1 .
US only và free nhé . Dùng proxy hoặc sock đề vào

Content in the cloud:

  • Currently: apps and books

  • New: Google Music Beta. [4]

    • Upload via app (on Windows and Mac)

    • Up to 20,000 songs.

    • Free while in beta.

    • Play music via web or Android app.

    • Offline: automatic caching of recently played music. Manually mark artists, albums, or playlists, for offline use.

  • New: movies, including rentals. They can be “pinned” (cached) for offline use.

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  1. Amazon Music Cloud

    Free 5G (buy 1 album to get 20G free for 1 year), access from everywhere, good streaming, easy to manage

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